I work on simplifying products, processes, and operating models with an objective to make things better for employees, customers, business, and all the other stakeholders.

My name is Chandra. I’ve spent over 25 years working on operational excellence, product management, and transformation initiatives across multiple industries and functions.

My focus included growth planning, product strategy, new product launches, operational excellence, business model design, and transformation programs. The primary focus has been on alignment and simplification of products, services, and operations – to enhance business performance, customer experience, and employee engagement.

My other interests include:

  • the impact of emerging technologies on business models and the future of work
  • teaching concepts of math and physics
  • making sense of capitalism and democracy

I’m now an independent consultant working with clients on growth strategy, product plans, operating models, and analysis of PE/VC deal pipeline.

My email is contact@cforxl.com. You can find me on Twitter @cforxl.

Contact me for more information:

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