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AIOps – The Future of ITOps

Gartner predicts that large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023. Gartner AIOps stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations’. It is the applications of AI techniques, including machine learning and advanced analytics to enhance the […]

Emerging Technologies Operational Excellence

Self-healing Systems Technology

McKinsey estimates that companies across all industries are already automating 50 to 70 percent of tasks, driving both operational and cost efficiencies. No wonder. IPA promises to reduce complexity, replace manual processes, and improve both organizational performance and end-user experience. Companies that lag may soon find themselves in catch-up mode and at an increasing (and perhaps enduring) […]

Operational Excellence

Improving Effectiveness Of Risk Management

Improving Effectiveness Of Risk Management by focusing on an inclusive approach that internalizes risk management into the way of working. Leverage technology to create an integrated and intelligent system.

Operational Excellence Product Management

Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing

Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing offer significant gains not only in the operational performance like cost, quality, and delivery but also provide options like offering customizations, flexible delivery, and proactive support to customers


Legacy Automation

Technology is advancing rapidly and provides us with an opportunity to reimagine the way we work for delivering better value and experience. Unfortunately, many people still look at tools as a way to automate legacy processes for speed and cost efficiencies.