Emerging Technologies Operational Excellence Transformations


Becoming a digital business—and achieving digital operations— is no longer simply about how we incorporate technology into our organizations; it’s about how we use technology to reinvent those organizations and reinvent operations to get out in front of the dramatic changes that technology is creating.


Organizations have been investing in digitizing their operations. Rapid changes in business environment, customer needs, and operational needs require teams to adapt and modernize their digital processes. DigitalOps is a business discipline that provides enablers for successful digital transformation. 

According to Gartner, EA and technology innovation leaders can enable an evolving agile enterprise by empowering knowledge workers through a modular, DigitalOps-oriented process architecture. DigitalOps provides tools and methods to simplify, measures, and mantra processes across the enterprise. DigitalOps is categorized as ‘On The Rise’ in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech – 2019.

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb use DigitalOps approach to iterate fast and launch new products faster. Data is a key element in DigitalOps. A leading RPA solution provider, Blue Prism, has announced a partnership with Xeelo to integrate DigitalOps solutions with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA solutions. Xeelo DigitalOps focuses on data input as early as possible in the process, replacing emails, excels and human interaction with webpages and mobile apps, to capture data in a structured way.

DigitalOps is the next evolution of Business Process Management (BPM). It enables teams to – dynamically assemble processes to meet the context; expand the scope of automation with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA); use structured and unstructured data and real-time analytics to deliver differentiated services. Holistic approach using DigitalOps will maximize the returns from digital transformation initiatives.