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‘Key Assumptions’ Indicators

Business strategy involves making choices. And such choices are often made with some assumptions. Choices made as part of the strategy translate into initiatives or operations. While organizations monitor the progress and performance of initiatives/operations, there is usually not enough focus on monitoring indicators that validate the assumptions. In the fast-changing world we are in […]

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The Fifth Dimension in Project Performance Management

Schedule, Cost, Scope, and Quality are four typical dimensions in the performance management of IT development and digital transformation projects. Performance indicators like On-Time Delivery (OTD), Schedule Variance, Cost Variance, Scope Creep, First Time Right, Defect Rate are common in Project Performance Scorecards and Dashboards. Some organizations use hybrid metrics like OTIF (On Time In […]

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Humility is one of the most misunderstood virtues. It is viewed by many as a weakness. In reality, there is beauty and strength behind the so-called weakness. Humility is about being modest and humble. It is being free from arrogance. A humble person understands and accepts human weaknesses. S/he understands the fact that nobody is […]

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Different Approaches for Corporate-Startup Collaboration

On this National Startup Day across India, let me share my views on how corporates can collaborate and work together with startups in mutually beneficial ways. It’s no secret that many corporates are trying to emulate startup culture to accelerate innovation and agility in their organizations. Here are a few ways that will help corporates […]

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Portfolio Approach in R&D

Traditional R&D investments are usually on internal efforts to develop new products, capabilities, and methods. Product refresh cycles and new product introduction timelines are getting shorter with rapid changes in technology, business models, and customer expectations. Integration among products and with adjacent services is gaining importance to deliver seamless user experiences. It may be a challenge for the traditional R&D models to respond effectively. A hybrid approach to R&D investments may help companies stay relevant.


Making Sense of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about digital technologies. It’s an opportunity to reimagine services and reengineer operations to reach more customers and serve them better. Here are my quick thoughts on digital transformations.

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The Future of Work – Virtual Assistants Enriching Human Work

Many of us use virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. Cognitive technologies that power these solutions help do things that were once thought only people could do. With increased digitization, we have more data than we can fathom. Solutions built on cognitive technologies can convert vast and complex data into actionable contextual insights in […]