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AIOps – The Future of ITOps

Gartner predicts that large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.


AIOps stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations’. It is the applications of AI techniques, including machine learning and advanced analytics to enhance the performance of IT Operations.

Gartner defines AIOps as – Put simply, AIOps is the application of machine learning (ML) and data science to IT operations problems. AIOps platforms combine big data and ML functionality to enhance and partially replace all primary IT operations functions, including the availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management and automation.

In a digital business era, any downtime of IT systems has a significant impact on business. According to a study by ITIC, hourly downtime costs have increased in recent years – a single hour of downtime now costs 98% of firms at least $100K; 86% of businesses say that the cost for one hour of downtime is $300K or more.

AIOps addresses these challenges with – (i) rich and timely insights on performance and potential issues, (ii) auto identification and remediation, (iii) predict and prevent issues from happening, (iv) better utilization of tech. resources, (v) event correlation, triage, and alert mgmt., (vi) insights and tools for faster resolution.

Gartner recommends that organizations should start planning today for implementing AIOps capabilities. It suggests an incremental approach to building these capabilities.