Ideas and Views


Humility is one of the most misunderstood virtues. It is viewed by many as a weakness. In reality, there is beauty and strength behind the so-called weakness.

Humility is about being modest and humble. It is being free from arrogance. A humble person understands and accepts human weaknesses. S/he understands the fact that nobody is better than another. Thus, s/he doesn’t look down on others.

Being humble means we value our own opinion and at the same time accept and respect the views of others. Humility helps us to be more open-minded. Whatever we do, our goal should be to produce the best, not to be the best. By accepting our imperfection, we learn and improve. We can’t improve ourselves unless we admit our weaknesses (this is something an egoistic person avoids doing). And our willingness to accept feedback from others makes us open-minded. It gives others a comfortable feel to work with us and it helps in producing better outcomes. Our focus should be authenticity rather than egoism.

In short, humility is important in being successful because of two things. One, it helps us in our self-improvement journey. And two, it helps in maintaining a good relationship with people around us.

By being humble, we work our way up to the top and at the same time earn the respect of others.