A Critical Element in Change Management

“We have always done it this way, why change now?” 

A response that we come across while driving change initiatives. Some of us tend to treat such a response as a resistance to the change. And as negative. 

While I respect the intent behind that perception, I strongly feel that it’s a great opportunity to manage the change. 

Let me explain.

The moment someone responds with this statement, treat it as a genuine curiosity to know ‘why’ change. This is an opportunity to explore and explain the realities behind the change. Such an opportunity sets deep engagement and lasting impact. I would urge leaders and practitioners of change to treat this statement as a genuine curiosity to understand ‘why‘. If you feel that you have already explained it and still getting such a response, please look at the way you explained it. As the other side might not have fully understood what you have said.

On the other hand, there is a risk that people simply accept the change without understanding the rationale behind it. That’s not good. But we tend to treat those as positive factors.